Great Sound

Comes From Great People

Headquartered in Bend, Oregon, Audio Tango has provided audio production for everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Home Depot, BMW and IKEA. We are a full-service studio offering everything in the audio spectrum. If you can hear it on a speaker, on the phone or from a screen, we can create it.

However, what makes us truly different isn’t just our client list or services. It’s our commitment to you. We believe in bringing a responsive attitude to every project we work on. That means communicating clearly, answering requests quickly and completing your project on time and on budget. You would think service like this would be obvious. We sure do. But as our clients will tell you, it doesn’t take long dealing with other vendors to realize our exceptional service is the exception.

To get started on your next audio project, contact our team today.